Mps6 6dct450

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mps6 6dct450

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mps6 6dct450

Company Information. New 6T45E automatic transmission parts gearbox Transpeed Auto gearbox parts valve body for mer DQ 0AM automatic transmission clutch early m Hot sale DQ 0AM automatic transmission clutc WhatsApp Online Chat! Automatic Transmission Part. Transmission Model.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Categories Toggle Navigation. Find Parts. Login to order. Do not use these plastic retainers with units that contain pins inside the springs. Remove and discard the pins.

mps6 6dct450

Clutch rep. Springkit DCT, Clutch Plastic retainer DCT Oversized Part K Reference Extra information This repairkit contains oversized retainers that are used to take up some of the play that occurs from the springs in tje dual clutch assembly.

These are used to replace the 2 prong style retainers. There are 3 different sizes in this kit, so you can custom fit the retainers to the amount of play in the assembly.

Clutchkit DCT Rebuild. Corecharge 0 euro. Attention: some clutches have this seal, other models do not need this seal!

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6DCT450 Troubleshooting, Diagnostic Help!

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mps6 6dct450

Proton See all Back. Reliant See all Back. Renault See all Back.Login or Sign Up. Posts Latest Posts. Page of 3. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 template Next. Be fucking careful and mindful of servicing of these Getrag DCT boxes, or seriously even buying a car that has one. If you own one I'd halve that for good measure. By all accounts the oil just seems to get caned in these and needs to be replaced earlier.

Result is fried mechatronic control units and clutch packs. Ford are quoting 5. I checked the prices for components involved and can see how the price can get that high. Anyway, with only 56,kms and 1 year out of warranty, the missus' Mondeo has got clutch slip issues, clunking on startup. Also has a pulsing rumble and rev fluctation at pretty much any speed under load, revs up and down rpm combined with a rumbling noise. I've found others online with similar problems, just before the 60,km service.

Got a claim with Ford Customer Service If it's still over 2. The whole point of these fancy gearboxes, at least in a family car is to reduce fuel consumption, what's the point if the cost of ownership is so high? Tags: None. Imposter Forg. Make shit so complex that nobody can service it but tout it as latest and greatest must have Ruin the reputation of used cars 5 years sell a brand new car Done.

Comment Post Cancel. I thought these things were unserviceable anyway Took mine to a tranny specialist last year and he wasnt real keen to touch it.

Off to google service details. This is my sig. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My sig is my best friend. It is my life.

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I must master it as I must master my life.No items found matching the search criteria. The main constructive idea for shifting gears in DCT WD is adopted from n-speed transmissions and the shifting is performed by means of hydraulics and solenoids controlled by the control unit. Therefore many age-related problems are the same as n-speed transmissions: metal friction suspended material from hot ATF clogs valves of the valve body and solenoids, gets on the rubbing surfaces and promotes the wear of aluminum by vibrations and sticking of valves, especially when the friction clutches are worn out, that leads to a chain reaction of metal wear and further contamination of oil.

The filter is included in the overhaul repair kit, but Gertrag engineers recommend to replace this filter more often, especially if the transmission has been used for a long time. For the DCT transmission reassembly, specialists order the repair kit of gaskets and seals. Repair kits contain gaskets required as a minimumwhich affect the operation of this delicately adjusted transmission. The wearout of Teflon rings also has a major impact on the transmission operation.

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Replacement of the filter with ATF is a typical repair procedure recommended for maintenance of WD Powershift transmissions. It is advisable to change oil more often and not later than after thousand kilometers.

Ford Powershift 6DCT450 Mitsubishi Evo X TC SST MPS6 Automatic Transmission Service Fluid Oil Change

For the overhaul of 6DCT it is common to replace solenoids in order to solve problems with the valve body. The overhaul of the clutch basket in 6DCT is accompanied by order of springs and retainers-clips. When the dry clutch gets out of order specialists have to replace the step motor or more frequently the transmission itself.

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Transmission repair manuals FORD/Volvo Powershift dct450 / DCT250mps6

View all items. Contact all sellers. Sign In Register. My account. Message center Sign in Register Email. Password Forgot your password?

Register for a new account. Anti-bot validation. Sign in. Remember me. Worldwide Transmission Rebuilders Marketplace Improve your market presence.GETRAG have designed there own line of dual clutch transmission which many different vehicle manufactures use. The question is when and how do you change the dual clutch transmission fluid. This is where the 6DCT transmission becomes interesting, as they have a multi-chamber fluid system.

This means there are 3 different chambers that have 3 different levels so checking the level it not as easy as removing a check plug. With a multi-chamber fluid system there are 3 different chambers which means 3 different drain plugs.

With the 3 drain plugs fitted the transmission can now be filled with the recommend fluid via the filler plug on top of the transmission. The check plug near the drive shaft should still be removed to allow the fluid to travel through the three chambers.

The transmission could take up to 8 litres of fluid including enough to allow for the fluid check procedure. This is where things get interesting and normally when the fluid starts to run out of the check plug the transmission is full. Well due to the multi chamber layout there could be air lock in the system and the fluid will need to be filled and then check measured.The advantage of using automatic transmission with double clutch is no power loss during the switching and smooth change of stages.

However, this design has its drawbacks. So, for example, automatic transmission Powershift 6dct mps6 has an extremely complex structure with bad reliability. The automatic gearbox Powershift 6dct mps6 had six stages, the last is the down and it is used for fuel economy.

Automatic gearbox Powershift 6dct mps6 has high demands on service work. It is necessary to carry out the replacement of the transmission oil and filter elements every 30, kilometers. The widespread kind of damage for this modification is problems with the dual-clutch. Quite often we observed the misalignment of the clutch, resulting in a collision of shafts with each other, and as a result it required a time-consuming overhaul.

MPS6 (DCT450)

Another feature of this modification of the gearbox is its elongated structure, which somewhat limits its application in the compact city cars. It is for this reason the modification Powershift 6dct mps6 installed on large-size sedans and SUVs.

Information about rebuild transmission Powershift 6dct and DCT mps6 The advantage of using automatic transmission with double clutch is no power loss during the switching and smooth change of stages. Most Popular.

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